Developments in the European Union and their consequences for IrannBig chances – and big risks
کد مقاله : 1276-IRFP
Manuel Ochsenreiter *
چکیده مقاله:
1. The relationship between EU and Iran today: A story of criticism and accusations. Who are the spin doctors of the anti-Iran policy of the EU countries? How is political lobbying working within the Brussel´s super state? nn2. Inside EU: The different political camps, their approach towards Tehran and their relationship with US and Israel. nn3. “European interests”: Is the anti-Iranian approach of the mainstream and leading camps in EU for or against European security and economic interests? Why are European powers conducting a policy against European interests? nn4. Changes in Europe: Political uprising against the EU super state by right wing, left wing and other sovereignist forces. Who are the new players, what do they want? And how do they see Iran?nn5. Chances and risks of the “New Europe” after EU: Will the sovereignist European camps have a better relationship with Iran? What are the conditions in the future? How will we reach the situation of mutual understanding and reliable security and economic partnership?
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European Union, Iran, economic partnership, Developments
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